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Big John Marine Services

On November 12, 2014, Gulf Stream Marine announced the acquisition of Big john Marine Services. Big John Marine is one of the most recognizable vessels in the Port of Houston. With its 500-ton lift capacity, Big John has executed more than 4,000 lifts without a single incident of cargo damage.

Big John Marine Services is a marine service company based in Houston, Texas. At the center of the company's portfolio, is a harbor service derrick barge "Big John". The Big John has served the Port of Houston and surrounding areas on the Gulf Coast since 1967 and serves a very important role in facilitating the transfer and movement of cargo within the Port.

Contact Information:
Walter Wells 713-450-8806 or 832-868-1004
Email: walterw@bigjohnmarine.com

Sean Wells 713-450-8815 or 713-854-7263
Email: swells@bigjohnmarine.com

Terry "Lumpy" Whitmire 713-450-8853 or 832-623-8916
Email: twhitmire@bigjohnmarine.com

Main Office 713-450-7833