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Big John Marine Services

Big John Marine is one of the most recognizable vessels in the Port of Houston. With its 500-ton lift capacity, Big John has executed more than 4,000 lifts without a single incident of cargo damage.

Big John Marine Services is a marine service company based in Houston, Texas. At the center of the company's portfolio, is a harbor service derrick barge "Big John". The Big John has served the Port of Houston and surrounding areas on the Gulf Coast since 1967 and serves a very important role in facilitating the transfer and movement of cargo within the Port.

Contact Information:
Walter Wells 713-450-8806 or 832-868-1004
Email: walterw@bigjohnmarine.com

Sean Wells 713-450-8815 or 713-854-7263
Email: swells@bigjohnmarine.com

Terry "Lumpy" Whitmire 713-450-8853 or 832-623-8916
Email: twhitmire@bigjohnmarine.com

Main Office 713-450-7833